Town Services

Emergency Services:

***For Emergencies Dial 911***

Ambulance Services:

Ryan Brothers Ambulance Service
220 River Birch Court
Deerfield, WI 53531
Office Number: 608-764-5905
Ryan Brothers provides all levels of EMS, including paramedic and  critical care for the Town of Deerfield.

Deerfield Fire Department 608-764-5343

Deerfield Police Department 608-266-4948


Yard Waste Site Information:

The yard waste site is a place for Town of Deerfield residents to bring compostable materials(leaves, brush, grass clippings).  The Town of Deerfield yard waste site is closed during the winter months, but is accessible to residents by calling the Town Garage at 764-5615 to make an appointment.  During the Spring, Summer and Fall the hours are as scheduled:
SATURDAY  8 a.m. – 1 p.m.


Garbage/Recycling Services:

Garbage, Recycling & Bulk Town of Deerfield 2018 Schedule

Advanced Disposal will provide curbside pick-up on Fridays for the Town of Deerfield residents.  Garbage collection is every week and recycling is collected every other.
Advanced Disposal provides containers with wheels for garbage and recyclables.
Check out their website! They have a lot of good information regarding their services they provide.

Puzzled on how the garbage trucks keep recyclables and garbage separate in their truck?  Visit the WDEE station website at WDEE org.  They will have a segment that explains the trucks.

Advanced Disposal- Town of Deerfield Services

Bulk Items:

Advance Disposal has a one day a month collection for bulk items. You must call 48 hours in advance for the pick-up.  Dates of Bulk pick up are listed on the downloadable calendar posted above.

E-Cycle Service:

Advance Disposal provides an E-cycle drop off day which is held in the fall. The collection is combined with the Village of Deerfield and the site location rotates every other year between the two municipalities. The day of collection for 2015 was Saturday, September 19 and we collected over three ton of material. The location of the site will be posted closer to the day.  To learn more about E-cycling visit the WIDNR website at

Contact Us

Town of Deerfield
838 London Road
Deerfield, WI 53531
Town Garage: 608-764-5615
Clerk Phone:  920-240-6700